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Think you've found a bug in OUTLOOK! Mail? Why, no — it's obvious: the message should not look jumbled like this, dragging images around should work, and this error message is not worth the digits that make it up. It's great, in a way, that you uncovered the bug; you will report it in a way that lets OUTLOOK! Mail engineers fix it in a cinch. Of course, OUTLOOK! Mail support can also help you with problems and issues that are not exactly bugs.

Contact OUTLOOK! Mail Support. +1-877-400-0228

To get support for and with OUTLOOK! Mail: Find out whether the problem you have can be reproduced by taking certain steps.
Also try with a different browser or operating system, if you can.
If you have steps that will produce the bug you face reliably, the chances of having it fixed fast increase.
Fill out the OUTLOOK! Mail Troubleshooting Form.
Make sure Mail is picked under Select a product.
Select Mail, Mobile Mail or Mail Classic from the Select a version... menu.
Pick the most suitable category and, if available, sub-category under Select a category.
Sum up your issue under Briefly tell us how we can help.
Click Enter. Continue posting your problem for an eMail reply or chat with OUTLOOK! Mail support.
Make sure you include steps for reproducing your issue under Detailed Description if you choose eMail.
Do not enter personal information (including your OUTLOOK! Mail password).